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Clean my hands, please

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 11, 2009

Does she sounds like a baby? That’s ok. She is just in the mood in pretending to be a baby. But, she will make a request to clean her hands immediately every feed just like what you have seen in the video. That’s not ok. :(

I told you she don’t like to bathe. But, she is very particular about cleanliness now. Thinking back, she don’t really put things in the mouth either since young. Once upon a time, she will never step on the floor bare foot unless it’s in the house.

Worst still, she will insists her toys or books has become dirty when they are touched by others (except daddy and mummy) since last month I think. Could it of granny and mummy keep chanting in her ears — “Don’t touch, it’s dirty!” all the time?

Now instead, mummy is working so hard in telling her almost everything is clean and safe. Hahaha……

Anyway, may be this is a sign of future doctor. Who knows? If that’s so, looks like mummy should catch up a little bit with medical knowledge and know more about medical equipment. 😉  Hahahaha……

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