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I am Auntie now

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 14, 2009

Little Elizabeth is back to school again. And, surprise! Surprise! She was quite happy with it. 😛

This little sweetie actually sleep early the night before. Then, wake up willingly in the morning. Happily changed. Have a bottle of milk. Choose to tie her hair. Then, straight away wear shoes and hop into the car. And, was singing in the car. Then, get down the car and even said bye bye to mummy. Just a little bit reluctant while brushing her teeth.

12.30pm — As we reached home, she just walk to the dinning area with mummy. Had her lunch, then go to bathe. No hard push at all! Wow! I guess my girl has grown up. So touched! :)

The story continues…..

As she wake up from her afternoon nap, she wants to play swing. Why not? You are such a lovely girl today. Anything will do.  😉

Liz:”Mah Mah(Granny in Hokkien), I want to swing fast fast, ok?” That’s normal!

After swinging so high…

Liz:”Mah Mah, I am Jie Jie now.”

Mummy:”Er… Alright!” *Puzzled*

After playing with the swing, yet she wants to swim. So, swimming we go. While we were in the pool, little Elizabeth actually not holding mummy as tight as before anymore. And, she was no longer shivering or being frightened when she accidentally drink some water and choke her nose. Wow! Bravo!

Liz:”Mummy, you see… I am so brave. I am Auntie now, ok?” Hahahaha………….

Alright! Now I got you! The “Jie Jie” and “Auntie” thing simply means you’ve grown up. You surely did, honey! Especially in this special 33 months, you really really did grown up a lot. :)

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