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I want to sleep

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 15, 2009

Yesterday, she was perfect in school. However, she cried so loud this morning while teacher was taking her out from the car.

Liz:”I want mummy……”

So, mummy come down from the car and carry little Elizabeth.

Teacher:”Why? Yesterday you were ok. What happened?”

Liz:” I want to sleep……” (Yeah… mummy too. Wake up so early just ain’t easy, aye? :( )

Teacher:”Ok.Ok. We go inside take pillow and sleep on the floor, ok?”

Liz:”No…… No……” (Ya. Why on the floor? The floor is so hard and so dirty! At least should have bed wedges . How about that? Hahahaha……)

Liz:” I want mummy……” (So, that’s the real thing in her mind. LOL!)

Teacher:” Come, I’ll take you in to see dog dog. You like dog dog, isn’t it?”

Liz:” No! I want mummy take me see dog dog!”

Mummy:”Oh! School is for children only, my dear. How about bread and butter? You didn’t have your breakfast yet. Let’s go in and have breakfast, ok?”


Mummy and teacher try all ways for about 5 to 10 minutes. Nothing work! Finally, mummy has to pass her to the teacher, then just leave. So sorry, baby!

Mummy realized you are good at making excuses now. Hehe…… Anyway, mummy was so happy to see you smiling again while picking you up after school just now. 😛

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