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I cannot Talk

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 18, 2009

It’s Friday again. So, what’s the plan for the next 4 days holiday? We finally make the move to visit A’ Famosa Animal World Safari. Baby Elizabeth… Your dream has come true. How about that? 😉

And, lucky little Elizabeth also get to watch “G Force” in GSC last night. It’s a Premium Class treat. Chewing popcorns, have some drinks and 3 of us sitting together until the end of the show. This really makes this little clingy girl so happy. Thanks to daddy.

Just one thing…..

Liz:”The G Force blar blar blar…… hahahahaha”

Mummy talking so soft:”Ya. Gentle. Laugh softly, k?”

Liz:” The G Force blar blar blar……”

Daddy keep the voice so low too:” Sho…… Don’t talk. Stop.”

Mummy:” Eat popcorn, k?”

Liz starts being more gentle:”No. I want to talk.” Kind of disappointed. But, very obedient. Hahaha…..

Then, this morning when little Elizabeth was chit chatting with mummy while we are on our way to her school…

Mummy:”Did you talk a lot in school?”

Liz:”No. I close my mouth. I cannot talk.”

Mummy:”Teacher said cannot talk in school?”


But, mummy never heard her said something like this before. She must be confused. Most probably is because of what happened in the cinema that made her said she cannot talk. Hahahaha……

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