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I am a Cowgirl now

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 24, 2009


Mummy and daddy sure prefer the Riviera maya family vacation. Somehow, baby Elizabeth definitely enjoy herself so much at the A Famosa Animal World Safari.

Be it the real pony or the fake one, she simply love them all. However, it’s quite obvious that she actually feels more excited when she was riding on the fake pony. May be she felt more secure. Hehe…..

By the way, she finally get a cowboy hat. That’s what she requested once mummy told her we are leaving to cowboy town tomorrow on last Friday. And, she kept reminding mummy that she has to ride on a horse after she got this hat. And, wore it all day long when we were in the Animal World.

Daddy:” Let daddy take it out for you,ok? You are sweating.”

Liz:”No! It’s  mine!”

Daddy:”I know it’s yours. But, your head is sweating. It’s too hot. Take it out, ok?


Yee…! Ha! My lovely cowgirl. Hahahaha……

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