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Quickly Go Home

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 23, 2009

We finally came back to our home sweet home last night. And, this little girl was grumbling about 1 hour before we reached home.

Liz:” Quickly go home.”

Mummy:”Oh… If you want to sleep again, you can lie down and sleep on mummy’s thigh.


Mummy:”Oh… Is it too boring?”

Liz:”Hmm…” (means Ya.)

Mummy:”Oh… Poor girl. Alright. Alright. We are going to reach home soon, ok?

But when we were on our way to the A Famosa, she was kind of excited.

How about that? Overall, she is a great traveler. She loves traveling and doesn’t complain much about the long distance. No crying at all too. Somehow, mummy was the one who feel like crying instead. Cause little Elizabeth don’t really like to go to public toilet. End up, she always wee wee on the pants. Each day once. LOL! Mummy hates washing the stinky socks, shoes and pants.

Hwo about the panties with pooh pooh all over it? Throw it away of course. In fact, mummy throwed away 2  of them. One of it was on our way to the A Famosa. Another one was in the hotel dustbin. Lousy mummy and lousy potty training, aye? Hahahaha……

Wear Diapers then. Yeah… That’s what we did when we are on our journey home as little Elizabeth finally agree to wear diaper instead of panties. Thanks God! LOL!

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