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Mummy, dark already

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 28, 2009

We go no where this weekend as mummy is kind of sick.  So sorry, baby. But still, she attended music lesson. And, it’s the 8th month in Chinese Lunar Calendar. So, teacher gave all the children a lantern when they finished class.

Liz:” It’s Orange.”

Mummy:” Yeah… It’s orange lantern. we will light it up tonight, ok?”


As we reached home at noon……

Liz:”Mummy, I want to play lantern.”

Mummy:”If we light it up now, we can hardly see the light, wait until the sky is dark ok?”


By evening……

Liz:”Mummy,dark already.”

Mummy:”Huh? You mean the sky is dark already?”

Liz:”Mm! The sky dark already.”

Mummy(laughing) :”Now it’s only  6pm, baby. Wait for while, ok?”


Again, she said it’s dark already by 7pm. Then, repeat another few more times before the sky really turn dark around 8pm.Hahahaha…… So cute!

And, yes! Finally, she had a wonderful time playing the little orange lantern.

Kind of excited at the beginning, holding the lantern, walking around happily.

Got a hole on the lantern after a while as she dropped the lantern on the floor once.

Eventually, she asked daddy to take it for her as the stick was getting hot.

Liz:”It’s burning!”

Ya! Ya! What a careful baby. Hahahaha……

  1. Jess Said,

    kids just love to play lantern ya…

    btw, the plastic stick wouldn’t melt after a while meh?

    At first, I have the same opinion as yours. Surprisingly, it did not. Cool aye? Hehe……

  2. Little Prince's mummy Said,

    Happy playing lantern :)
    Happy mooncake festival to you!~

    Same to u! 😛

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