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Mummy is back

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 30, 2009

Mummy was resting in the room as I am sick and tired. So, I leave you to granny and kak Sue.

Then, you ran into the room……

Liz:” Mummy, I want to watch TV. And, don’t say not too long, ok?”


Immediately, you ran out of the room and out of my sight. Happy, aye? :roll:

It’s time to get back to your flash cards, cooking stuffs, drawing, tracing the alphabets and so on. Mummy is back. I have regain my energy. No more sitting in front of the TV whole day long.

I am sure you will still enjoy yourself walking around the house, hanging a bag on your shoulder, then pretend that you are shopping, paying and buying things. Sometimes, you will include calculator. And, the calculator is more like the cashier machine to you. Er… Looks like you have missed out the barcode scanner, baby! Hahahaha……

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