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A for Apple, B for Bear……

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 1, 2009

Yesterday, she stayed at home. Today, she is absent from school again. The reason is obvious. She has flu again. LOL! Sorry, baby! Mummy was the one who passed it to you. :(

But, she seems happier. Wake up late at about 10.30 am, happily took the Piriton after taking some biscuits. Then, started enjoying herself with the imagination games again as she sat down at the window side. Cheering for the birds flying around. Complaint little bit about the dropping flowers cause by the rain. Imagine that she saw dolphins on the sea and so on. That’s my little cutie! 😉

After a while, she sat down on the floor. Singing ABC’s song, mumbling A for Apple, B for Bear and so on, also busy arranging all the alphabets from A to Z. What a wonderful morning!



Somehow, mummy is kind of worry that the marble flooring is too cold for her as she is still sick. (Told you that tile flooring is better. Ya! Ya! But, nothing to worry. We got sofa. 😉 )

As mummy shifted her to the sofa in the TV area, she said:”Mummy, I forgot to watch TV.” Gosh! What a mistake! We should have moved to the study room. LOL!

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