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Can I wash my hands now?

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 3, 2009

It was the Thursday art class time.

Teacher:” Today we do painting with our fingers, ok?”

So, teacher let little Elizabeth choose her own preference of color. One at a time. Putting them on her fingers. Then, she was happily dabbing. 5 minutes later…

Liz:” Teacher, I want to wash hands.”

Teacher:” Wait until you have finished your drawing, ok?”

She did nod her head. Then, about 5 minutes later…

Liz:”I want to wash my hands, teacher.”

Another 10 minutes later…

Liz:”Wash my hands now?”

Another 10 minutes later…

Liz:”I wan to wash my hands now.”

Teacher:”Alright! Wash your hands first, then only we continue drawing, ok?”

Liz:”Ok.” 😀

Somehow, as teacher put some colors on her fingers again, immediately she said:” I want to wash my hands again.” As soon as she has made the first few dabs. Then, keep making the same request within every 10 minutes until the paper is full and the drawing considered complete. Hahahaha……

Wow! Anyone will think that may be teacher has beautiful Grohe faucets in the toilet. Thus, making washing hands a wonderful experience. Or may be little Elizabeth just can’t stand the mess. Kind of. But it’s more of her strange hobby of enjoy washing hands all the time actually. Kakakakaka……

Even if mummy was the one who used the WC when we were outside, still she wants to wash her hands. The water and hand soap are simply too irresistible, aye? 😉

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