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I can spell my name

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 5, 2009

Time flies. Her 3rd birthday is just 2 months away. At this age, she still can’t speak clearly. The pronunciation for any words which started with “L” is especially difficult for her. The “L” sound will mostly sound like “W” when it came out from her little mouth. :)

Somehow, she is kind of proud that she can spell her name now.

She should be proud. As “Elizabeth” is kind of long. Just don’t ask mummy why “Elizabeth” among all the other fantastic baby girl names. At least, it is a popular name. 😉

She is getting more sociable too. she will answer every question being asked by strangers. She will talk to strangers too. Just in a softer voice tone. What a big move that certainly worth cheering! Of course, she will be more talkative if  it’s a kid in her age, especially boys.

In fact, she always said she is a boy now, if being asked weather she is a  girl or a boy. Ya! She is kind of rough sometimes. So, boys made good companion to this active little girl. And, her imaginary friend is always John. Again, it’s the baby boy names. Luckily, she still got her feminine side. As she prefers to wear dresses and feel like a princess lately.  *Sigh*

Besides, she loves to use the word “Because” and “I forgot”. I guess she can easily use up to 20 times a day in her sentences. So, can she build good sentences? Strong vocabulary but wrong sequences all the time. So, only mummy and daddy will understand what she means most of the time. Hahahaha……..

Lastly, she is good at watching others now. Anything we did wrong, she will point it out with the frowning look. LOL! And, kind of good in reasoning too. She will accepts all the reasons that mummy gives quite well. On the other hand, she will find all sorts of excuses (lots of creative one) to get what she wants. :roll:

  1. health freak Said,

    Good job! Not bad for a 3yo girl!

    Oh ya! I am not bad at all. I am a good girl! Hahahaha……

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