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Anyone want to cut your hair?

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 23, 2009

She did this last week. After finished reading so many books and playing with all the other toys, little Elizabeth just don’t feel like going to bed yet. So she got this idea of pretending to be a barber once she finished fixing the puzzle sets on occupations.

I think you did it so well, baby! You can really be a hair stylist if you want to. See… your customer is smiling. Very happy with the cut. Thanks to Kak Sue. 😉

By the way, this is a fake scissors from her toy doctor set. Next time we use a real scissors, ok? So, who’s next? Hahahaha……

Well, you can still be a doctor or nutritionist pretending giving Kak Sue a thorough health check or introducing the best diet pill to her. In fact, you are encourage to try many other jobs besides being a hair stylist. Playing pretend is always a good way to learn. 😛

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