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My Birthday Party is just 3 weeks away

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 20, 2009

Once she reached home after school, Kak Sue took her bag out from the car as usual. Immediately she pointing at her bag and said:” I want my present.”

Yes! This is the second party pack she get since the last 4 months in school. And, Elizabeth already open it and start using the little presents in it such as glitters glue, note book, and pencil before mummy is free to take a picture of  it. :(

Children love party packs. And, many of her classmates have birthday parties in the school. Somehow, little Elizabeth’s birthday is on school holiday. After discussing with her teacher, mummy decided to make a birthday party for her on the last week of school days instead of during holiday camp.

Mummy had yet to decided which day it is. But, It’s only about 3 weeks away. So,we better start thinking about what to put in the party pack? Where to buy a nice party pack or box? Shall we have a clown shaping balloons for the kids? Most importantly, how the cake is going to look like?

Gosh! Sounds like mummy got lots of work to do! But, mummy is more than willing to do so. As long as my little princess is happy. 😉

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