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I want Daddy “Sayang”

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 27, 2009

Yesterday was a lucky day. Luckily she never lost her teeth. Luckily she can still eat. Luckily she seems did not suffer much pain. God bless!

Anyway, mummy absolutely felt the pain. When her principle said sorry, mummy replied:”It’s ok.” Mummy knew it was an accident. School principle was kind of concern too. Called again in the afternoon to find out about her condition. Somehow, “Please take good care of Elizabeth.” That’s what mummy is going to say when I send little Elizabeth back to school again.

She fell. One of her classmate knocked her and she fell onto the floor. Deep wound on the gum and keep bleeding until about 4pm yesterday. One of her front tooth still shaking. Mummy really wish that this front tooth can stay until it’s time for the milk teeth to go.

Sorry darling! You have been so brave. Never complain or cry for the pain since the moment mummy picked you up from school. But, I know you ain’t feel nothing. As you keep looking for daddy once you get home yesterday. As you woke up this morning……

Liz:”Where’s daddy?”

Liz:”I want daddy sayang.”

Mummy:”Alright. Daddy sayang. Daddy already go to work. Mummy promise that you will get to see daddy tonight. Even daddy was late last night, but he had bought you Jelly. It’s in the fridge. Want to try?”


Poor Girl! :(

We love you, baby!

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