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Posted by Everyday Healy on January 15, 2010

This is an outdated post. It was on the 24th Dec last year. Lazy mummy just realized that I missed this.

What a graceful Hindi dance! This really showed how much you enjoy staying in hotels. Even it’s just the Concord Hotel.

And, you were inviting daddy to dance with you on the dance floor in the lounge of the Concord Hotel right before the count down once you heard the dance music. Somehow, no children allowed. Once you hear that, “wa………, your tears immediately flowing out like someone forget to turn of the pipe. It was truly loud too. Then, you get the party pack for free. Good trick, aye? Hahahahaha……

Eventually, you were sitting at the divider and managed to enjoy the music and the happening atmosphere of the lounge by  and watching from the outside.

And, thanks god that you can still dance right in front of the Concord ballroom which in directly at the lobby too, when you feel like shaking with the music. 😛

Mummy promised that I will try my best to arrange a better Christmas this year, ok? Er…… How about staying at the luxury cancun hotels, and enjoy the Mexican dance? That’s something new. Sounds truly interesting, aye? 😉

  1. twin Said,

    she’s so cute dancing to the music. :)

    Oh! She can never stop dancing. Once she heard music, you will see her start moving her body. And, she always insist that she wants to be a dancer, if given a few choices of profession for her to choose. Ha! So dedicated!

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