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I am happy cause I get to see my friends

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 4, 2010

It’s your first day back to school.


Liz:”Mummy, I am so tired…… So tired……. I don’t want to brush teeth…… I want daddy…… ” *Sobbing*

Mummy:” Ok. I asked daddy wake up and brush teeth with you, ok?”

Still crying, but it seems that you can’t find a better excuse this time. Thanks to daddy’s kind cooperation. Hehe……

So, you brush your teeth slowly. Then, mummy clean your face, change for you and give you your milk. After about 10 minutes of drinking milk. You just let kakak tie your hair, apply mosquito repellent and here we go!

We were chatting happily with mummy in the car. While we reached your school, you just get down yourself and wave bye bye to mummy. Bravia! My girl has grown up. No more crying. I guess you already understand the idea of going to school. Also, mummy can see that you actually miss all your friends. :)

Enjoy your new day of school, baby! 😉

Well, the story has not ended yet. After school, little Elizabeth keep crying for hours, showing your tantrum as mummy forced you to bathe immediately you came home. Nothing seems right after you came out from the bathroom until mummy played a cartoon of your choice — Lion King. :(

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