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Let’s bottom’s up

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 10, 2010

Yesterday, we went to another wedding. it’s daddy’s friends getting married. I enjoyed the wedding dinner so much. Everybody “cheers”! And, let’s bottom’s up! Hahahaha……

I also enjoyed singing along with the “jie jie”. I like the song “yue liang dai biao wo de xin” so much. I even dance along when the music get so hot. Ops… I am a bit shy. :$ But, only for a few minutes. As the “jie jie” with glasses was so cute. Other “jie jie” and “ko ko” were so friendly too.  Since all of them on my table like it, let’s do it! Twisting left and right, moving high and low standing right on the baby chair was kind of cool! I feel like a super star now. Hahahaha……

It was all good except mummy can’t “cheez” for me. How come mummy always forget to bring her camera? :roll:

Hooray! As little Elizabeth finally become so friendly and sociable after 37 months old. Definitely is something worth celebrating.  :)

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