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I am going to make Bento

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 14, 2010

I know you just can’t wait to prepare Bento together with mummy. As we have got these wonderful tools now. You were so excited and keep bagging to make the Bento immediately once mummy brought them home from the 100 yen shop since yesterday. Oh! I know why. As it’s more like toys for you, right? 😛

Ok. I promise we will make something out of it by today. May be sandwiches? Hopefully you like the food to, not just the preparation. Will you take more vegetables if mummy manage to make the rice and vegetables look so cute and lovely?

Well, you seems meant to be those sporty type that would even enjoy wearing breeches and go for horse riding. Thus, mummy is kind of excited to see how my baby learn to become a little chef. May be you will cook or make better sandwiches than mummy. As I am a newbie in cooking too. Hahahahaha……

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