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How much am I?

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 14, 2010

Yesterday while we were driving home from your school……

Liz:”Mummy, I how much?”

Mummy:”You mean how much is Elizabeth?”


Mummy:”Oh! Elizabeth is priceless. You have no price cause you are not for sale. Understand?”


Today while we were on our way home from school too.

Liz:”I will show you my expensive panty, very expensive you know?” You just took your spare panty and dress outfrom your school bag.

Mummy:”Ok. Ha!”

Liz:”This dress also very expensive. But, the baby wipes so cheap only.” Hahahaha……

Grandma:”So expensive, aye? How about your backside? How much is your backside? Expensive or not?”

Liz:”My backside got no price.” Wow! Clever! Looks like you really get what mummy trying to tell you yesterday.  Great! :)

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