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I like Right Brain class

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 16, 2010

You have 2 favorite lesson. One is Kinder Beat music lesson. And, you are also looking forward for Friday to attend this.



This is not a playground. It’s part of your right brain lesson. These tools are the sensory diet for little ones like you. In short, playing with these special tools are actually diets that work well for attitudes and emotional balance. As children will gain emotional balance through certain workouts. And, balance emotion will automatically change us for better behavior.

After some sensory play, we will continue with other activities. All that will eventually leads you to learn through your powerful right brain. And, you love it. Once mummy said:”How about we stop the right brain class?” Immediately you will say:” No! I want to go.”  Of course, all those techniques are just like playing. Thus, you had so much fun.  :)

On the other hand, at least mummy get to understand exactly where your talents lie on and what’s the best learning methods that suit you through all the play tests in the class.

  1. twin Said,

    what class is this? nvr heard of .. is it gymboree?

    The pictures that I took is just the workout part for the first 10 minutes, after that there is nothing like gym equipment anymore. Instead, there are things like memory linking card, matching games, math dots and so on. It’s more like Shichida method or Tweedle wink. :)

  2. JJ Said,

    where is this place? I’m very interested in shichida in penang

    It’s at Codrington Avenue, Pulau Tikus. The next road of Pulau Tikus market. 😛

  3. yvonne Said,

    may i know the center name?

    It’s Strawberryland. Somehow, my girl already stop the course almost 6 months already. :)

  4. Angie Said,

    Hi dear,

    May I know why is your girl stopped the class at strawberryland? I am a mother who is still hesitating whether to send my son to this center… :)

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