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No more McD

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 18, 2010

Today, I am not going to school again. Sick! Runny nose and slight fever. I guess my immune system went low because I slept quite late every night, but wake up so early to go to school every morning.

This is because daddy always busy working and came home late, but I want some time spent with daddy. Last Thursday is especially wonderful! Daddy brought me to McD at 11pm. I am the only kid enjoying the playground and french fries at McD in late hours like this.Cool!

 How about McD again? That’s what I thought last night. But, mummy insisted that no more McD. Otherwise I have to take medicine. 😯

No way! Don’t mention about medicine anymore. It’s ok, mummy. I am ok. Gosh! It’s not ok, baby! Take medicine, please… *Sob Sob*

  1. twin Said,

    wah so nice of Daddy to bring her lizzy to McD at 11pm. For my kids its bedtime. 😛

    Yeah… daddy, mummy indiscipline, so baby also the same. Hahahaha……

  2. chinnee Said,

    Aunty chinnee loves Mc D too!

    Mummy and daddy also. But, they eat less because of Elizabeth. Hehe……

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