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Posted by Everyday Healy on January 19, 2010

In a day, I still have very slight fever every now and then. But, mummy is so kind. She never force me to take the fever medicine. Finally, mummy agrees that it’s ok. Cause I am a good girl. I drink a lot of “yum seng” (means cheers in Cantonose) drink which can make me strong as hulk. (That’s what you said. Assuming hulk should be the strongest man in the world. Hahahaha……)

This is the “yum seng” drink that I mentioned. Come on! Raise your cup high and cheers, mummy! It’s Cool! 😛

In fact, I can’t let go the day before yesterday. Mummy get so worried. Not because I might need hemorrhoids treatment due to constipation. She is afraid that my body temperature will shoot up as usual once I am constipated while sick.:(

But, after drinking lots of this tasty detoxifying instant mix Hedyotis Diffusa formula, I almost let go all the waste in my body. Immediately I feel so much better and little bit hungry too. Hehe……

Mummy said it is also very helpful in controlling my fever condition. Thus, my body temperature is only 0.5 degrees higher than others now. Somehow, I still need to take the medication for flu. Waaa…… I want to cry already!

I struggle, shout and cry out loud. Eventually, I agree to drink it cause I get a very good offer. Mum will bring me to the playground later. Hahahahaha……

  1. twin Said,

    hehehe this is sweet no wonder she’s so willing to drink. my kids love it too. :)

    Mummy just won’t mind the sweetness, as long as it really helps to eliminates fever. 😉

  2. chinnee Said,

    i used to drink this to cool down the body too at home last time.

    Now no more d? So, what’s for now? :)

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