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I am Cinderella

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 24, 2010

 Friday night……

Mummy:”Do you like your friends in school?”


Mummy:”Did your friends play with you?”


Liz:”Do your teachers like you?”


Mummy:”Then, why you cry every morning and don’t want to go to school?”

Liz:”Because so early. I want to sleep.”

Mummy:”Today we sleep earlier ok? So that you won’t feel tired while waking up early in the morning.”

Liz:”Ok. You read bedtime story for me first, ok?”


After mummy finished reading…

Mummy:”Alright. Let’s close your eyes and sleep now, ok?”

Liz:”How about we wait for daddy? I want to wait for daddy. We sleep after daddy come back, ok?”

So end up, everyday you will only go to bed around 12am despite daddy came home early or late. Oh! My Cinderella! Ha! I guess you already used to this hour. Of course, if daddy and mummy can go to the room together with you earlier everyday, may be there is a chance that you can change this habit.

But, this will only possible if daddy starts Human Resources job search now. LOL! Somehow, daddy’s job is too important. And, I can understand that you really miss your daddy. Well, this is just our lifestyle. Nothing is perfect. We just try our best, alright? 😛

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