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I got cold sore

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 27, 2010

When you get so moody and crying a lot, mummy get so frustrated and mad. But, when I see you doing lots of things by yourself, I feel so proud of you. And, most of the time when you trying to be cheeky, you surely brighten up my day.

Somehow, when I see you getting cold sore like now, I feel so bad. Especially when you said it’s painful. Hopefully, the cold sore will dry up and heal within few days after we applied this.

Somehow, mummy really got to seriously watch out how “kak Sue” wipes your mouth and clean your handkerchiefs now. As she might be hurting the wound or not keeping your handkerchiefs clean. I know I can’t trust her much. As I saw her pressing your mouth, pressuring you to open your mouth fast. As she loose patient on feeding you slowly.That’s terrible! 😯

May be we need better wireless security systems. Setting up hidden cameras all around the house.

Anyway, stop peeling the wound, baby. Otherwise, it will get worse too. :(

  1. syn Said,

    poor girl. hope the medicine works too. is this recommended by her paed? so far my girls never had cold sores so this info would be useful.

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