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Because Harry got no hands

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 8, 2010

Just because you stopped going to school for 1 whole week, today you start crying again while you woke up. You don’t want to brush teeth. And, mummy’s gaggle tricks just don’t work anymore. Oh my! :(

Luckily, you stopped crying once mummy said:”Only good girl can go to right brain class later.” LOL! In fact, mummy had all sorts of great memories on your brushing teeth moments. And, it’s especially impressive to hear something like this:

Mummy:”On! Elizabeth is a good girl. You brush your teeth every morning. Look at Harry. Harry naughty boy. He never brush teeth. His teeth become so yellow and dirty. Yikes!”

Liz:”Ya. Because Harry got no hands. Cannot hold tooth brush. So, he cannot brush teeth.” ( So, who is Harry? Harry is our pet dog. But, mummy sounds like Harry can even use netbooks. That’s ridiculous! Hahahahahaha…………)

Mummy really sounds so stupid when you react cleverly like this. LOL! :)

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