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Let’s keep this one for next CNY

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 18, 2010

Mummy:”Come… Come, Baby. Mummy take picture for you, ok?”

Liz:”Ok.” 😉


Wow! Super model! You simply enjoyed taking pictures when you put on all the new clothes during CNY. Somehow……

Mummy:”Don’t you think it’s too big?”

Liz:”No lah. Not big lah. It’s nice.”

Grandma:”It’s too big, Liz.”

Mummy:”It is big, baby. You can wear another new dress. You still got many new dresses. Let’s go and choose again, ok?”

Liz:”ok.” 😛

Yeah… And, let’s keep this one for next CNY, ok? Ha! It’s always like that as you are a lovely tiny princess. You seems wearing one size smaller then your actual size for your age now. :)

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