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I buy for you, ok?

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 18, 2010

Liz:”Mummy, you want to eat ice cream? I buy ice cream for you ,ok?”

That’s what you said when you want to eat ice cream.


Liz:” Mummy, you like lipstick? Pink lipstick is so nice, you know? I buy lipstick for you, ok? When I grow up, I can use pink lipstick, huh!”

Alright! Mummy’s little vain pot is crazy over lipsticks now. No problem, my dear. You can have lipstick, eye make up, blackhead extractor, perfume and so many more when you grow up. I won’t stop you from using it even if you don’t buy for me. Ha!

So, you will offer to buy us anything that you are aiming. Hoping that we feel so sweet and agree to buy it for you. Cheeky little princess! LOL! But, mummy really don’t understand. Where do you learn this? 😯

Is it inborn? Or from the ways we used to trick you? Anyway, sweet talking really makes you sound so cute. :)

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