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I love daddy so much

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 19, 2010

Liz:”Daddy, I want 613. I want to watch cartoon.”

Daddy:”The remote control is spoiled.” (because daddy took out one of the battery inside. Hahahahaha……)
So, you just keep press and press and press. Finally, you gave up and said:” Mummy, I love daddy so much. But, I want to watch cartoon.” Guess what? You win! Daddy switch it to channel  613 immediately after you said that.


Mummy:”You like mummy more or daddy more?”

Liz:”I like daddy and mummy more.”

Mummy:”No, you can only choose one.”

Liz:”Nolah. It’s ok. I like daddy and mummy.” (Gosh! You start using a lot of “Malaysian English” with lots of lah and woh. :roll: )


Liz:”Mummy, I am a little bit sick. I must drink your vinegar.”

Mummy:”Oh! Ok. Ok.” After a few sip……

Liz:”See… I am as strong as hulk now.” Hahahahahahaha……

Cute aye? Looks like you have grown up to be a sweet talker. Great social skill! I think you can be good in sales. Somehow, a few aunties mentioned that you can become a great lawyer. Oh! Fighting for divorce compensation, inheritances dispute or disability appeal. Like it? 😉

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