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My one and only Fire Cracker

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 23, 2010


First, I showed gandma and mummy in the car right after school.

Liz:”See… This is my fire cracker! Boom! Boom! Hahahaha……”

Mummy:”Wow!You made youself? It’s so nice! Bravo!”

Then, I quickly show daddy this fire cracker that I made myself in school this morning once he came back from work. That’s my favourite fire cracker! 😉

Liz:”But, why got no fire and sound one?”

Mummy:”Er… This is not the real fire cracker, it is only for decorative purposes, ok?”

Liz:”Mummy! It’s melting!”

Mummy:”That’s not melting, baby. It’s cramble! But don’t worry. You can make a new one,right?”

Liz:”Ya. I will make a new one.” 😛

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    Thanks for dropping by too. Keep in touch! 😛

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