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I must be Baby Hulk

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 24, 2010


Ha! Who can carry the kitchen up like me? I must be the baby hulk. Cool aye? Save money from going to gym too. Hahahahaha……

Mummy call me little chef now. As I am cooking everyday and night. I serve juices, fried vegetables, steak, sausage, pizza, burger and so much more.

Liz:”Please come to my party, mummy.”

Mummy:”Oh! Alright! I want sausage.”

One minute later……

Liz:”Your sausage, mummy.” :)

Mummy:”Oh! Thanks. That’s delicious! How much should I pay you?”

Liz:”No need to pay lah. It’s a party, mummy. You just come and eat. You forgot?”

Mummy:”Ops.Ya. Ya.” Hahahahahaha…….

Cooking is my favorite now. Even though I also play ball, blocks, computer, calculator, cashier machine, leader, torchlight, oximeter…… Almost everything in the house. 😉

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