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I want daddy!

Posted by Everyday Healy on February 25, 2010

How about that? Refused to get up from the bed? Alright! How about making the wet bed sheet as flying carpet? Kak Sue and mummy will carry it. Let’s fly to the kitchen. Gosh! Still crying. Mummy gave up. You feel free to continue, ok? Hahahaha……

You showed such a bad tantrum yesterday as you refused to wash your body after you “Wee Wee” on mummy’s bed.

Recently, you seems can’t control your “Shi Shi”. You started to “wee wee” on the cushion or bed, depends on where you are having your afternoon nap. That’s not a big problem to mummy. But it seems big to you. You get really frustrated! Felling shameful, disgusting or what?

But, what’s the logic behind the rejection of cleaning after your get wet with the stingy “Shi Shi”? 😯

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