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Happily ever after

Posted by Everyday Healy on March 8, 2010


Recently, you read a lot of these 2 books. Then, you become so excited about getting married. Always want to get married and “live happily ever after”. These words become so familiar to you after you have read the blue covered fairy tales again and again.

I guess it’s these books that make all the girls loves getting married. Even your mum feels like the happiest woman in the world at the moment I put on my engagement ring. Full of fantasy. Hahahaha……

Now, it will be your turn, baby. Enjoy the journey of fantasizing your dream guy, those beautiful and elegant bridal suits… Also, dream about the moment you finally put on your glittering engagement ring while you passed by the display windows that has many rings with eye catching certified diamonds on it. Live with your best dream ever. And, may your dream come true, baby.

We love you. But still, it’s a little bit early for all this. Hehe……

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