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Welcome to my beautiful little town

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 12, 2010


You spent lots of time playing with this beautiful little town on Sunday. First you help Sue to build it. Then, you took out your little princess dolls, dress them up and make them dancing, walking and hanging around this beautiful town. 😉

Besides, mummy, granny and uncle Bill took you to shopping at Tesco and also took turn to swim with you on last Saturday. You really enjoyed swimming. Hopefully you learn how to swim soon from uncle Bill. :)

All these activities actually make a great balance to the hours you spent on the electronics at home. Just nice! Somehow, you told daddy in the phone that mummy only went jogging with you while he was away. That was what granny did while mummy and daddy were both in Spain 2 weeks ago. 😯

You got mixed up baby! Hahahahahaha……

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