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My Throat Pain Pain

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 15, 2010

You missed your afternoon nap as you were coughing badly yesterday. You get frustrated. You told mummy you were so sick.

Liz:”Mummy, my throat pain pain. I want to see doctor.” You kept complaining. Then, you vomited. 😯

Mummy:”Don’t worry. Mummy will take you to the doctor now. ”

Mummy called daddy. So when daddy questioned you in the phone……

Daddy:”Did you feel your throat pain pain when you drink water?”

Liz:”No.” 😯

Mummy:”Are you sure your throat has no pain when you drink water?” You nod your head almost immediately.

Mummy:”Your throat only pain pain when you cough?” Nod Nod again.

Mummy:”That means you has no sore throat. No need to see doctor then.”

Liz:”My throat pain pain. I want to go playground.”

So that’s the truth behind this whole story. You wanted to visit the playground in the clinic. What a cheeky girl! Hahahahaha……

So my darling, mummy realized that you lie a lot recently. How am I going to stop this bad habit of yours? :(

But, mummy have to admit that your mood really was affected by the bad cough. You were crying in the music class just now for about half the lesson. Poor girl! And, you are surely excited if I buy gold bullion for you. But it will definitely not as excited as you see the playground. That’s kids. So, cheer up! Baby! Mummy promised that tomorrow we will be at the playground, alright? 😉

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