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It’s difficult to suck

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 21, 2010


She was so happy when she received it from mummy yesterday morning. She said she must bring it to school and show her teacher. Great! Cause she loves it!

But when mummy fetched her home after school, teacher told me that it might be too difficult for her to open and suck the water from it. So, she actually asked teacher to take off the whole cap. Then, she will drink it like what she did for the mineral water bottles.

And, you said it was difficult to suck too. Mm! And look what’s written on the bottle. Who wants to be a crazy girl anyway! Hahahahahaha……

Looks like you actually prefer light weight plastic custom water bottles with screw top. Alright! Mummy knows what to do. Give me about a week time, ok? :)

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