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My little blue chair can help

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 22, 2010

There was only a brown wooden stool for me to sit in front of daddy’s laptop. Always! So how am I going to reach closer to the laptop which is quite far away from me?

At first, I always climb up the brown stool that I am sitting on. But, that’s a dangerous move. The stool is not firm. I always feel shaky. Don’t worry! I got an idea!


Look! I can just place my little blue plastic chair right in front of the brown stool. That’s it! Now, whenever I want to reach closer to the laptop, I can straight away stand up from where I am sitting instead of taking so much trouble to climb up the brown stool that might easily cause me to fall from it. Problem solve! Hahahahaha……

Good idea! Mummy realized that you got all sort of ideas to create convenience for yourself now. In the educational point of view, I think you learned to solve problems now. Obviously, my girl has grown up a little bit more mentally. :)

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