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I cannot believe

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 26, 2010

Elizabeth was praying in the car when she saw the “Datuk Gong” at the car wash place. Mummy has nothing much to do. Thus, mummy started a conversation like this with little Elizabeth.

Mummy:” Why are you praying?”

Liz:”Because the “Ah Gong” (grandpa or old man she means) die.” (Obviously, her idea is… We are praying to our ancestor or the dead.)

Mummy:”No, the God in the temple and dead people is different. We are praying to the God to get help. God will help us in many ways if we pray to them.” Immediately, she looks puzzled. Then, she just kept quiet.

Mummy:”Do you believe that God will help us?”

Liz:”No. I cannot believe.” (Wow! She used the word “cannot believe”, which sounds like impossible.)

Mm! What do you think? She seems to understand that things which actually just like a statue to her can do no help to us. Logically, she is absolutely right. So, It should be a smart answer.  Well, it’s a bit too early to know about God. 😉

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