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I like red very much

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 1, 2010

Yesterday, you drank lots of water in school and at home (almost drinking water all day long using this new bottle). Thanks to this new red water bottle. LOL!

You simply like your new water bottle very much. You bring it to school, to your extra class. And used it at home too.

Mummy:”I think you really like this bottle.”

Liz:”Yes lah. I like red very much.”

Mummy:”Yeah. Red school bag with red water bottle. Very matching, right?”


Mummy:”I think you like it so much because you finally found a bottle that you can open by yourself and drink it directly from the mouth of the bottle without using straw as you always like. ”

Liz:”Yes!” 😉

It seems that you like this water bottle which is just the free gift of Ovatine more than the new red school bag that mummy brought back from Spain since last month. 😯

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