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I blow my whistle for 2008

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 2, 2008

It’s a brand new year now! Mummy must update this blog more often in 2008. In fact, mummy plan to update this blog daily starting form 1st January. However, mummy failed to do so as she was sick for the past 2 days. Even now, mummy is still having slight gastric. :(

Anyway, we should all cheer up for New Year! Just have a look at how my girl celebrated her New Year…


Instead of blowing whistle for this great celebration, she enjoyed biting the plastic spoon in her mouth. LOL! Just a little surprise for mum and dad, I guess! It seems like how people carrying the whistle, isn’t it? Cute and fun!Baby, you’ve just cheer mummy and daddy up! Good job! Thanks you, sweeitie… 😉

Mummy feels grateful to have Elizabeth with her for the whole 2007. May it be good or bad in the past, with Elizabeth around… the future will be always full of hopes and joy!

Wish everyone here have a pleasant memory in 2008. It’s for you and your family. Love forever! 😛

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