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I make my own Drum

Posted by Everyday Healy on July 25, 2010

I have no more fever since 2 days ago. Hooray! But… there are still a few mouth sores. Thus, I can’t eat. I can just drink milk. Somehow, I am drinking lots of milk. Thus, I should be safe. But, extremely boring at home.

Liz:”I want a drum, mummy.”

Mummy:”But, your “Tabla” which mummy bought from India spoiled long ago. Even your little mickey mouse drum has been thrown away quite some time ago.”

*Sigh* :(

Mummy:”Mmm…… How about we make our own drum?”

How about that? I got my drum now. I make the drum myself. It’s cool! Hahahahaha……

This is a great beginning. May be I will invent some cool stuffs like Conon Eos Camera,epson receipt printer or the iRobot when I grow up. Hehe……

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