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I like my guitar and I love my baby

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 19, 2010

I have always wanted a baby and here it is! Now, it about “You & Me”.  😉

I can bath and feed my baby with milk now. My baby even got her own bed. I shall read bedtime stories for her when she goes to bed. But not everyday.  Also, I don’t really enjoy changing clothes for her. But, I will come to her when she cry. Yes. My baby can cry and laugh. I like to ask my mum to take care of her and tell her mummy will be back soon when I got to work. Hahahahahahaha……

Liz:”Can I have a electric guitar too?


Liz:”Wow!Let’s rock and roll!” 😛

Mummy bought 2 of these of my dream toys for me in the beginning of the month as ToyRUs giving away cash vouchers. Thanks to all those cash vouchers, online coupons, and other great offers. Mum mostly will buy some toys for me whenever there are great deals like this. 😛

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