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Mummy is getting lazy…

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 21, 2008

In fact, I am back from Hong Kong 1 week ago. Anyway, poor girl! As this blog of hers is left untouched for more than 2 weeks. Frankly, mummy has no time to blog about Elizabeth for the past 1 week. As there are still many things from Hong Kong that mummy wants to post in her other blogs. So sorry, dear… Will you forgive me?

But from now onwards, I am going to blog about my little princess again. That’s what I promised.

First of all, I have left out her monthly development milestone for this month. And, my girl has grown up a lot. She is so cute now. Busy talking to everyone but unfortunately no one understand her. :sad: Anyway, mummy still manged to guess some of her languages.

She still loves balloon like nothing else. Last night, I brought her to Gurney Plaza again. And, she is busy looking for balloon once she saw other kids is holding balloons. I really wish I can took a few pics of the moment she saw the balloons. She is “jumping for joy”, mumbling and smiling with a chicky look. 😛

Of course if the balloon burst, she will be frighten. And, this time is no longer the helium balloon with thick plastic. This is just the ordinary one. Thus, I choose the smallest one for her. It’s safe as small balloon hardly burst even of she hit the balloon here and there when she is holding it! 😉

And, it’s a small red heart shape balloon. It’s sweet, isn’t it? Mummy love you, baby.

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