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Posted by Everyday Healy on January 22, 2008

I am kind of regret that I did not bring my girl along to Hong Kong Disneyland. I think it’s more for kids actually. Anyway, I have bought some toys and clothes from Disney for my girl. Since she likes Pooh, so I get her one “Pooh” and one “Ratatouille”. And, it’s all in yellow. Why? It’s because Elizabeth looks quite dark when she puts on anything pink. Also because she looks nice in yellow. 😛

Of course, mummy is search high and low for something white base. And, here you go…

What do you think about this, little Lizzy? It’s a sweet shirt, isn’t it? 😉

That’s all the shirts mummy bought from Disney. Now there is a problem. Only the white one can fit Elizabeth now. Those 2 yellow shirts will be left aside until she is much bigger. May be around 3? OMG! Mummy always buy something too big. :roll:

Mummy:”I thought as long as it’s not white, we can keep as long as we want, isn’t it?” Only white cloth can turn yellowish after we keep it for sometime without washing it. 😆

  1. anggie Said,

    Nice shirt u hv here, i like kids wearing yellow too… look bright and cheerful ….
    seem u hv a great time in HK ….

    Oh! I have the same opinion like you regarding kids in yellow. So… we got another common again. 😛
    And, ya, I enjoy the trip. But, I miss baby Elizabeth so much while I am there. Nearly cry out because of missing her! 😥

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