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My New Barbie Float

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 6, 2010

Lately, this is my favourite activity. I always want to swim. Be it at night, early in the morning or right under the hot sun. Ask me any time and I will surely say… Yes! 😛

Just because I swim so often, my old float seems already worn out. It has got hole somewhere. So, it’s not safe any more. I need a new float. 😉

And, I love Barbie stuffs! Even though I don’t play with Barbie dolls. Ha!

Liz:”Girl will buy Barbie things and boys like Benten. I have nice pink Barbie float now. Yippee!” Hehehe……

I can continue to do my ballet turning in the water with this new float. That’s beautiful! Fun! And, mum said it’s a wonderful way for getting rid of belly fat too. Ha! Ops… My belly is not fat at all, ok? 😯

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