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I want a new Barbie Doll Bicycle

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 14, 2010

It’s 7 pm now. Again, mummy just let little Elizabeth watch cartoon. I know it will be more appropriate to let her has outdoor play at this hour. Moreover, the playground is just 10 minutes drive away.

So, my little princess was invited to cycle in the garden.

Previously, my little princess will be bagging her mummy to go to playground. Be it flying kites, skating, cycling, swimming, watering and playing ball in the garden. She just love them all. But now, she seems to be more content with TV and computer.

By the way, little Elizabeth just cycle for a while as it’s the sky is already dark. As she was cycling, she just keep grumbling.

Liz:” Mum, I want a new bicycle. I want Barbie Doll purple and pink bicycle. This bicycle is not very smooth. This bicycle is for boy one. This is Justin bicycle. I want a Barbie Doll bicycle and Barbie doll helmet.”

Wow! How about a pair of Barbie knee protector too. What a stylish experience! Hahahahaha………

You seems not skating a lot too. In this case, may be a pair of Nike SB will induce my little vain pot’s interest on skating again. Ha!

Anyway, mummy surely won’t be enjoyable too if I am riding on a bicycle that does not move fast and smooth like this one. I think she does need a bicycle that suits her better. At least something that seems more attractive to her. So, it’s time to look for a new bicycle. Are you happy, my dear? 😉

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