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Posted by Everyday Healy on January 22, 2008

Little Lizzy is getting naughtier now. But, I am glad that she enjoyed all her dances and tricks. On the other hand, me and hubby really had a great time almost everyday just by playing with her. Have a look at how naughty Elizabeth enjoyed hiding herself in this mosquito net…

But, you really did a great job, baby! You are the best rewards for our daily chores, especially for daddy. Daddy always look forward to play with you after his daily heavy workloads. 

Anyway, I enjoy all her funny faces, dances, tricks and imitations so much. If you have a baby who is going to turn one, just be patient. You will have this wonderful moment sooner than you ever think. And, you will miss your baby like nothing else once he or she is out of your sight at this moment. :)

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