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It’s a Holiday

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 17, 2010

Yesterday, you were such a good girl. You do a lot of “homework”. Even now, you are still reading in the study room. Bravo, honey! 😉

But, today is a holiday. Mummy has got a plan. I told daddy we are going to take you to cycle early in the morning. But look at the time now. It’s already 11 am. And, mum just woke up. Sorry, honey. May be in the evening? :)

May be we can swim in the evening. That’s your favourite! Or going to the beach? That’s what you have been suggesting lately. Well, all are great leisures. In fact, if mummy could swim, run on the beach and cycle together with you everyday, that will be the fastest way to burn fat. Ha!

So keep up with your interest on all these healthy sports. Good for your health and also your alertness. 😛

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