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I went up and down more than 10 times

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 19, 2010

See… I can slide down from such a high slide all by myself now. It’s such fun! I love it! Love it! Love it! Thus, I went up and down for more than 10 times that day on the 31th of October when this Adventure Zone at Golden Sand Resort was celebrating children day.

Oh! Just in case you actually gain weight in near future, all mum got to do is just sending you to such a playground everyday. I am sure it will work as well as the extreme weight loss pills. 😛

And, that’s my girl! Brave like a musketeer now, aye? Ha! I am proud of you, honey!

By the way, at first I slide down with “kakak”. Then, she was shouting like she was haunted while we were sliding down. Gosh! That scared me. I said no more going to up to the slide. Not the height that scared me. But the horrible scream. I felt lucky when I was left alone to slide. Go away! You coward! Hahahahahaha………

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