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It seems I have waste my money

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 23, 2008

Elizabeth likes to have playmates while she is bathing. Besides, she likes to rearrange all the standing small dolls on the rack. Thus, daddy get her “The Pooh and friends”.

Anyway, these 4 is yet to get into the tub with little Lizzy. But, I am going to do it this evening as I find that she don’t really like to play with them in the hall. 😆 So, I thought may be they can starts to become her best friends in the bath tub.:P

So, she gets only 4 simple rubber dolls and one Pooh light twister from Hong Kong Disneyland. Strange though! As I saw most of the kids in Disneyland are crazy over the light twisters. But, she don’t really like it either. It seems I have waste my money! LOL!

I am thinking can it be she already gets bored with “Pooh”? Then, what will she like after 1? Disney Princesses? *Scraching the head*.

  1. LZmommy Said,

    Children change all the time :) One minute they like this the next, they don’t like it. But there is always one that is their favorite.

    Ya. I thought “Pooh” is supposed to be Lizzy’s favorite. Somehow… May be she just like the “big Pooh”! hehe…

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