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I watch TV everyday

Posted by Everyday Healy on January 23, 2008

This is the way I watch TV, this is the way I watch TV, This is the way I watch TV all through the day…… See, my little baby has grown up. She has been crazy over kids’ programs nowadays especially brainy baby and Barney.

“Like parents like daughter”, mummy and daddy like movies too. But, I really don’t like her to lay down while watching TV. Obviously, it will affects her eyes sight later on. Anyway, I still think watching educational videos is good for her. She learned a lot of things from them. How I wish there is mini home theater seating. So that I can get one for her. I guess this is the only way to stop her from lying down.

Anyway, It’s lovely to see her claps while lying down lazily. And, it’s especially amusing as she will shun a side to continue watching her show once we accidentally block her vision. 😛

  1. Tot's Mom Said,

    Oh, my toddler now fights with me over the TV. He is also becoming a TV addict, I think.

    Ya. Ya. Elizabeth did the same thing. :roll:

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